Stopping the Pain. A Workbook for Teens Who Cut and Self injure

Stopping the Pain. A Workbook for Teens Who Cut and Self injure

Forfatter: Lawrence E. Shapiro

Forlag: Instant Help Books

Udgivelsesår: 2008


Some 14 percent of high-school aged adolescents and 12 percent of college students practice cutting or other forms of self-injury. The problem also seems to affect mostly girls. There are all sorts of other unpleasant aspects to this phenomenon.

For example there is also the contagion effect of such addictive behavior within the tight communities such as schools. Self-injury behaviors are very often co-morbid with other problems such as sexual abuse trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, and bipolar and borderline personality disorders.

This workbook is comprehensive and helps teens explore the reasons behind their need to hurt and focuses on more positive ways to deal with issues of stress and control. It is written by an internationally recognized child psychologist, Dr. Shapiro. Finally, this book respects the privacy of teens who self-injure, giving them proven skills to help them regain control of their feelings and communicate their needs to parents and counsellors.